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I have enjoyed working with graphics and art since the 80s, when I was In the middle of my Air Force career, up to today.  For Christmas of 2021, my wife bought me a laser cutter / engraver machine.  I have spent numerous hours creating crafts and enjoying it.  Well, now it is time to share my crafts with the public.  I created this website to "put  those crafts out there" for others to have the opportunity to purchase them.  You can order my creations on the products pages.  I can also create and design  something specifically for you. Perhaps your getting married and want something to display a particular photo or have it burned on wood.  Someone having a baby? Graduating? Working through emails and chat rooms we can discuss the creation you want made or modified.  Yes, we'll do our best to modify one of our creations to your specifications. You can order by size and shape and I will do my best to please.  ( I will not do vulgarity or profanity ),  my discretion, thank you.  You may need to send me pictures or things to help in the creation.
Thank you for visiting my website and please share it with friends and family.
Papa-G  (Glen)

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I can show you the contact info.

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